Therapy Solutions For Adults

The Therapy Place offers therapy services to adolescents and adults who have been diagnosed with or suspect that they have sensory processing difficulties.

Sensory experiences are a part of everyday life. The ability to process that information accurately is important for comfort, coping and learning. If a person is not able to interpret this information accurately, they can become easily overstimulated or experience discomfort by what most people would consider non irritating stimuli. If you are overly bothered or distracted by sensation, you may be experiencing sensory defensiveness. For most adults, this hypersensitivity is generally long standing, from childhood. Although, any trauma that disrupts the nervous system at any age, can generate sensory defensiveness, including; head trauma, post traumatic stress, physical, sexual or psychological abuse, chemical abuse and chronic illness. Anxiety disorders and depression can also be a by product of sensory processing issues.

Sensory processing disorders vary between individuals in their characteristics and intensity. Some people are mildly affected and the disorder is barely noticeable, while others are so impaired they have trouble with daily functioning.

Symptoms of sensory processing problems may include:
  • Feeling annoyed with certain clothing textures or tags in clothing
  • Startling easily to loud or sudden noises
  • Being unable to shut out or filter constant noise
  • Being bothered by smells
  • Avoiding foods of a certain texture
  • Feeling anxious with sudden or fast movement, unstable surfaces, swings or fear of heights
  • Avoiding crowded and noisy places
  • Difficulty attending in classes or meetings
  • Discomfort with bright lights
  • Discomfort with physical intimacy because touch bothers you
  • Dislikes new situations
  • Avoiding crowded and noisy places
  • Easily frustrated
  • Sleep problems