Mad2Glad™ Parent Coaching

mad-2-glad-certMad2Glad™ is a step-by-step individualized parent training program that provides strategies to positively connect with their intense child so they are calmer and have self-control. The Mad2Glad Blueprint™ is for parents who would like to change their approach to parenting to restore peace and harmony.

Certified Mad2Glad™ parent coaches believe that a parent’s role is to help a child feel safe, connected and loved and that getting to the root of the problem is more effective than masking symptoms or behaviors with temporary fixes. Parents will learn to better understand their children and ways to help them build skills for self-regulation. The goal is to reduce fighting, yelling and frustration at home.

With this program, parents receive step-by-step guidance through the 8 Pillars of Parenting, developed by Samantha Moe, a speech language pathologist, certified parent coach and life coach. Parents will learn specific tools that are necessary to calm the “fight or flight” stress response and peacefully navigate everyday situations with intense children.

The 8 Pillars of Parenting include:

Calm the Fire
10 Hidden Landmines
Happy Chemicals
Red Light Parenting
Mad2Glad Discipline Protocol
Emotional communication
Optimizing Daily Routines
Skills and Siblings

The Therapy Place offers Mad2Glad parent-coaching services with experienced certified coaches, who are also experienced pediatric occupational therapists.

We offer both consultations and parent coaching packages.


“After seeking counseling and occupational therapy help for our intense brain child, my husband and I found the Mad2Glad curriculum and coaching to be the missing piece.  We now have a deeper understanding of the emotional response inherent in intense behavior, as well as action items for when we are faced with difficult parenting situations.”