Auditory Interventions

Therapeutic Listening® Designed by Sheila Frick, OTR

Listening is the ability to accurately perceive, process, and respond to sounds. Problems with listening are often part of other perceptual, motor, attention and learning difficulties that affect a large number of children and adults with sensory processing problems.

Sound training consists of equipment, materials and a prescribed program designed to produce specific effects on listening skills. Sound-based technologies combine the therapeutic benefits of music with sophisticated sound technology. These tools allow therapists to approach a child's auditory (hearing and listening) system directly through the use of electronically altered music. The programs offered by The Therapy Place include:

  1. This program is designed for children and adults with:
    • Learning and attention difficulties
    • Auditory processing problems
    • Sound sensitivities
    • Receptive and expressive language problems
    • Perceptual difficulties
    • Sensory integration challenges
    • Developmental delays
  2. Includes electronically altered compact discs used in a prescribed manner. Requires a CD player and good quality headphones.
  3. Combined with sensory integrative treatment techniques, uses a whole body approach.
  4. The listening programs are individualized to each client and are suited for use at home and school.
  5. Maximum effectiveness in treatment outcomes is promoted by daily use.
  6. Typical program may involve two to six month of participation for initial gains.
  7. A typical protocol is listening 30 minutes twice daily, seven days per week for 12-16 weeks.
Integrated Listening Systems® (iLs)

iLs programs “re-train” parts of the brain involved in learning, communication and movement. iLs combines the auditory program with specific balance and visual activities which assists in strengthening neurological pathways, improving the ability to learn and process information. The iLs program directly affects our sensory systems, influencing day to day functions. iLs is used most often to improve:

  • Learning challenges-reading, writing, cognitive skills
  • Developmental Delays such as those found with Autism, Down’s Syndrome and premature birth
  • Rehab for mild brain injury and stroke
  • Stress and sleep related problems

iLs clinic programs vary from 15-40 sessions in length. Sessions are typically 45-80 minutes each, with a frequency of 3-5 times per week.

Home programs are 40-60 sessions depending on the type of program. Each session is 60 minutes, but can be halved into 30 minute segments if necessary. The frequency is 3-5 times per week. Most programs are completed in 8-15 weeks.

iLs programs are delivered through a air/bone conduction system which allows for individual customization.

Integrated Language Program (iLp™)

This program can be used in conjunction with the iLs program to improve specific language skills including:

  • Auditory memory
  • Dichotic listening
  • Auditory figure ground
  • Filtered words
  • Vocal production
Safe and Sound Protocol®

The Safe and Sound protocol (SSP) is a 5 day auditory intervention, designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivities, while enhancing social engagement, resilience and ability to adapt to differing situations. By calming the physiological, behavioral and emotional state, it promotes communication and increased modulation which can assist therapeutic benefits in other areas, often times accelerating improvements.

Potential improvements include:

  • Decreasing social and emotional difficulties
  • Decreased auditory sensitivities
  • Decreasing anxiety and trauma related challenges
  • Improved attention
  • Decreasing stressors that impact social engagement

The Safe and Sound protocol involves listening to music that has been developed to retune the nervous system to introduce a sense of safety so it is easier to socially engage. There is a focus on the speech frequencies which influences training the ability to filter background noises, making it easier to cope and attend.

*Participants listen for 1 hour for 5 consecutive days. Listening sessions are done primarily in the clinic.