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For children with special needs, the world around them can be an overwhelming place, often difficult to manage or enjoy.

It may be difficult for these children to focus on one thing because they are constantly bombarded with everyday sensory input and are unable to filter out unnecessary information. Other children are so sensitive to touch they find the textures of clothes and food nearly unbearable. And some children can't gauge their bodies, objects, and gravity well enough to successfully feed themselves with a spoon or travel down a playground slide. Others are bothered by loud noises or are unable to process what is being said to them.

At The Therapy Place, children with a variety of needs undergo careful evaluation, which include standardized assessments. The scores from these assessment tools help determine if a child is above, below, or at a normal developmental level. Careful clinic observation during the assessment, as well as parent or caregiver input, is utilized to determine the child's therapeutic needs. If therapy is indicated, a treatment plan is designed to maximize potential and diminish those challenges that stand in the way of the child's growth, development, independence, and play.

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