Understanding The Therapy Process

and what to expect

We, at The Therapy Place, believe that outpatient therapy is only one piece of a greater puzzle, which helps facilitate your child’s progress. We highly encourage parent involvement which includes observations of therapy sessions and follow through of home programming, which is necessary to help ensure your child’s progress at home and in the community.

Clients and families may expect that we will:

  • Work hard to provide the best treatment we can with you and your child
  • Have your child in our best interest
  • Problem solve with families
  • Continually collect data for our progress reports
  • Report on and update you or your child’s progress every 90 days
  • Design and tailor home programs (tools and strategies) for you and your child
  • Request follow through with home programming with the recommended frequency
  • Collaborate with colleagues and other professionals in regards to your child if applicable
  • Strive to return emails and phone calls as promptly as we are able
  • We expect that parents and guardians will:

  • Have their child’s best interest in mind
  • Find and see the positives in what their child does and accomplishes
  • Be ready to start the therapy process by making time in their schedules so they are able to attend therapy sessions consistently (typically weekly or bi-weekly)
  • Observe sessions with regularity
  • Follow through with strategies, ideas and suggestions to use at home
  • Make these strategies, ideas, suggestions a priority
  • Communicate with us directly and often regarding home programming
  • Attend progress review meetings with your therapist every 90 days
  • Understand that at some point, therapy will no longer be needed or warranted
  • Communicate with us regarding: how home programming is going, if you need clarification, need re-teaching of a technique or strategy, if the home program is feasible for your family and if it seems to be helpful/worthwhile.
  • Be in the waiting room 10 minutes before the end of your child’s session