Guidelines For Families

Therapy is only one small piece of a greater puzzle of treatments and practices that facilitate your child's progress. Home programming is another piece, and the follow-through of therapeutic practices in the family environment plays an essential role in your child's progress. Programs are set up by individual therapists, who will make them as convenient as possible. The following are some of the specifics that are necessary to facilitate progress:

  1. When applicable, the Wilbarger Deep Pressure Protocol needs to be followed for a three-week minimum trial period. After that point, it will need to be followed as specified by your therapist. Your occupational therapists are willing to communicate with others across settings (i.e. school, daycare, etc.) to help facilitate this process.
  2. Sensory diet programs as recommended.
  3. Speech home programs as recommended.

Your Therapy Session:

Your occupational therapist has 60 minutes set aside for your child. Approximately 50 minutes are for treatment. The last 10 minutes are used to discuss current issues relating to your child and to collaborate with you to enhance the effectiveness of the home program. The speech-language pathologist has 45 minutes set aside for your child, with approximately 40 minutes for treatment and 5 minutes at the end to collaborate with you. We appreciate feedback about how your child is responding to therapy, and welcome any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Please arrive on time for therapy.
  • You MUST be present in the waiting room during the last 10 minutes of the hour to discuss your child's therapy session.
  • If you leave during your child's therapy session, please let the receptionist know of your absence, how you can be reached, and submit an emergency contact if possible.
  • If you bring siblings, please note that due to liability issues they are NOT allowed in treatment gyms or on equipment. Please keep them under supervision when in the waiting room. There is a play area that is provided and we do ask that you help us keep the area safe and tidy.


Consistency of treatment is very necessary for progress. If your child misses 20 percent of their therapy sessions in 60 days, services will be terminated. Consistency is important for optimum results.


Children participating in therapy sessions need:
  • Play shorts and shirt for purposes of working on dressing skills, as well as for sensory experiences. Please bring clothes that get messy. We are equipped with laundry facilities so you don’t have to be responsible for washing and drying their clothes.
  • Extra diapers if applicable
  • Extra change of underwear

(Each child receives a box to keep his or her belongings in.)

Parent Involvement:

We highly encourage parent observation of therapy sessions. Windows are provided in most of our treatment areas for this purpose. Understanding the treatment process facilitates follow-through at home and in other settings. Please inquire with your therapist about the home program recommendations. We appreciate your insights, ideas, and resources to help with the program development and refinement.


Please make every effort to inform us of a cancellation at least 24 hours before your appointment. We appreciate your efforts and understand that this is not always possible. Cancellations made less than 4 hours in advance will be charged a $35 fee that will need to paid before your child’s next appointment. For the safety of your child and others: Please do NOT bring an ill child to therapy. (See Guidelines for Ill Children.)