Welcome To The Therapy Place

At The Therapy Place, both children and adults receive the assistance they need to reach their fullest potential for growth, learning, work, relationships and participation in the greater world.

The clinic has specifically designed spaces for both children and adults. The specially designed, child friendly environment is well suited to children who face the challenges of autism, Asperger's syndrome, a variety of physical or developmental disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, sensory processing dysfunction, Down Syndrome, brain injury and other health or developmental difficulties.

The adolescent and adult friendly space is designed to assist those who either suspect or are challenged with sensory processing dysfunction.

Clinic services include: occupational and speech-language therapy services, feeding evaluation and treatment, social groups, handwriting groups and numerous methods and programs designed to help children and adults develop, obtain or recover needed life skills. The Therapy Place is known for its work in sensory processing, an important treatment modality for people experiencing learning, motor development, behavior problems, daily life skills and difficulties with relationships and employment.